My Experience At A Rocky Road Essay

1019 Words May 4th, 2016 null Page
When registering for Project FOCUS this year, I thought that it would be just as simple and “cookie cutter” as it was last year. Although it definitely was just as enjoyable, it proved to be much more of a rocky road. My class was extremely inclusive in that there were just as many students with special needs as there were without. This was a big jump for me because nearly all off my students last year were at a relatively similar learning level, and this year it was a more polar experience. Working in Ms. Evans class this semester taught me a lot, mainly to be patient with student and to be patient with myself even when all of my teaching tactics seem to not be effective. Specifically, my students taught me a lot this semester. They taught me just as much as I taught them, if not more. As I was teaching them how to read and how to identify between living and non-living things, they were teaching me to be responsible, patient, and a better teacher all together. My students taught me how to adapt to unexpected changes and kept me on my toes and more importantly always kept a smile on my face. Ms. Evans also made a bit of an impression on me. Everyone knows that the success of your Project FOCUS experience is highly determined by the teacher that you are assigned to. Your teacher could make it a dream come true or a nightmare. Ms. Evans was definitely a dream. She was always welcoming and very flexible. Most of all, she always showed a true appreciation for my presence. I…

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