Career Readiness Counselor Observation

I decided to visit with a local College and Career Readiness counselor. Mrs. Melissa Adkins is located at Uvalde High School. She is the only Career and Readiness Counselor at a school that has 1,400 students. When I asked her what her job title was she stated, “ College and Career Readiness counselor, dual credit, CTE, and a soon to be early college high school. Mrs. Adkins has a computer lab that consists of 30 dell laptops and a small wooden bookshelf with many books and a table with brochures. She is available during school hours, 8:20-4:20 and on Mondays she works form 7:00-5:00 in order to help students who are busy with extracurricular activities. Mrs. Adkins assist 9th-12th grade with paperwork for dual credit, TCI testing, and navigate college and what classes they should take. She uses Microsoft Excel to keep up with students’ data and to keep up with the students she visits …show more content…
Adkins was very welcoming and helpful. Mrs. Adkins stated, “ You can’t prove that you are talking to the kids with a grade, so many times the principal wonders what your are doing”. I could not work at a place where my work is not acknowledge or not seen. She also stated she has an Mircosoft Excel document that she has to include what students she sees or what she is currently working on, the document is shared with the principal weekly. I consider myself a hard worker, but I would dislike having to report to the principal and not feel like I am trusted with fulfilling the job as a college and career readiness counselor. I decided to visit the high school because I am still debating if I want to work with older students or continue working with elementary students. I am grateful for meeting Mrs. Adkins because she was very realistic, down to earth, and more importantly wanted to offer her students the tools needed to succeed. I work for Uvalde school district, so this allowed me to see a glimpse of what I can become one

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