Essay about My Dream Career Path For Disney

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I 'll be the first to admit that I have absolutely no clue what I’m doing with my life. Most of the time, I wonder why I’m even paying roughly $25,000 a year just to get most of my general courses out of the way when I could go to a local branch of Ohio University for free. But then I remember one of the main reasons I chose Miami. I may not yet know what I’m doing or plan to major in, but Miami is a big school that presents a large variety of opportunities for me to explore and find my dream career path. Though at some points already in my freshman semester I question my judgement and choices on what classes I decide to take, I feel confident knowing that Miami will prepare me for a lifetime of success, whatever that may be.
My ultimate dream job: working for Disney in Orlando, Florida. I hope to someday work for a company and place I love. My love for Disney will never end, because I truly believe it is the happiest place on Earth. I myself love going there and experiencing all new things, and if I could help a family plan their trip and see the joy brought to their child’s face, then my job would be worth it. I aspire to be a Disney travel agent, and hopefully, work directly for the company so I can receive their benefits, but if not, I would also love to be a travel agent for an outside company.
I already have Disney planning experience, as my mom, sister and I go at least once a year. Each time, my mom plans out stuff such as our flight and room details, while…

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