Personal Narrative: My Simon Scholarship

There 's only one thing I dream of and it’s to be successful in life. Whether it’s with soccer or my education/career goals, my main goal is to be successful and to be someone in this world. I am currently a sophomore at Mission Hills High School and for me, going to college is a dream that is yet to be fulfilled. I come from a hispanic/mexican background and no one in my family has had the opportunity to go to a college or a university due to the need of money. I was born in Mexico and was 1 year old when my mom and I came here to the United States around 2001 and since then I believe my mom and I have lived a better life. My intended major is Mechanical Engineering and I plan to one day have a successful career in the Automotive Industry. I believe I am one of the best candidates for this …show more content…
Not just for me, but for anyone applying. I know I am the best candidate for this scholarship because of my determination to never let give up on my dreams. I really think this scholarship will definitely improve my chances at affording college because of my family 's financial status. My family won’t be able to fully help me pay for college so any chance I get to apply for scholarship, I will take it. I overcame so many obstacles in my life and I didn’t have as many opportunities as other people but this opportunity is one I do not want to give up on. I absolutely want to be a leader and role model for my siblings and prove to everyone that a test score or legal status cannot define your future. Only I can decide and control my life and decide whether or not I want to be successful and I’m saying it here. I will be successful. I will graduate from High School and I will attend college. I won’t let any obstacle get in the way of my future and I will keep striving for the more than the best. I want to thank the Simon Family Foundation for this amazing opportunity and I’m hoping I will be considered as a Simon

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