My Education And Career Goals

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There 's only one thing I dream of and it’s to be successful in life. Whether it’s with soccer or my education/career goals, my main goal is to be successful and to be someone in this world. I am currently a sophomore at Mission Hills High School and for me, going to college is a dream that is yet to be fulfilled. I come from a hispanic/mexican background and no one in my family has had the opportunity to go to a college or a university due to the need of money. I was born in Mexico and was 1 year old when my mom and I came here to the United States around 2001 and since then I believe my mom and I have lived a better life. My intended major is Mechanical Engineering and I plan to one day have a successful career in the Automotive Industry. I believe I am one of the best candidates for …show more content…
I recently had the opportunity to apply for DACA and successfully got my application accepted which opens up so many more future opportunities for me that I will take full advantage of. Some strong qualities that I have are being motivated, being involved, being athletic and being helpful. I am always motivated to do and be better than I was yesterday. In soccer, motivation is a big part of my passion for the sport bec. In school, motivation has got me to improve my grades and be more involved in school or outside of school. I get involved by doing lots of community service in my spare time at the Boys and Girls of San Marcos Middle School. During my time there, I enjoy participating in some of the activities with the kids. I also help out with cleaning, organizing the snacks and helping kids with their homework during power hour. I have been doing this community service since freshman year (9) and have completed a total of 400+ hours and counting. For my accomplishments, I have received many rewards for “Most Improved” in Avid since 8th grade and recently received the award for

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