Plan For Achieving My Dreamed Job Essay

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The Plan for Achieving my Dreamed Job
I repeatedly ask this question to myself. How I will succeed in achieving my goal? I am positive that I will succeed, but in order to achieve a dream job a plan is required. To be successful and declare victory I crated one. My plan is to go back to school to finish all the credits required to get into nursing school to obtain a BSN (Bachelor degree on Science in Nursing). Workings on the healthcare path as a Medical Assistant made me confirm what I want to achieve next. The number one reason on achieving my dream is the desire of helping and caring for others. I want to improve my life and my kid’s lives as well. Since I was little I had a tremendous desired in helping people in any ways I could. Is
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Even if I’m bilingual and is really helpful here in Arizona, a thought of failure crossed my mind because I don’t feel comfortable speaking or writing in English. All my responsibilities and the short time I have to dedicate to school complicate things. I need to divide my time between my aspirations and my day-to-day life, because I am a mother of two that works to provide their basic needs. I need to make sure that my home duties are covered and also I need to work in order to be able to attend class and pay my education. I kept asking myself, how I could achieve my dream job? I am conscious of my weaknesses and the entire things I have on my plate which make my success really difficult. My desire and drive are bigger than my flaws; therefore I developed a plan in which I would be able to work on my weaknesses where I would be able to start knocking down all the pre-requisites for the nursing program to succeed. My plan has begun this year when I decide to give my first step by taking my first four credits from the seventy that I need to complete in college. I choose writing 101s class to confront my insecurities, which has been the perfect challenge to my fears to continue …show more content…
Now my possibilities economically talking are fifty-fifty because I need to divide my expenses between my responsibilities and school. I generate about $21,000 per year so, I totaled up costs and for the expenses to complete an approximately of 10 credits per semester I need to save around $900 to secure my school. The other $900 will be directed to family and personal expenses. Personally, is really valuable to be able to do this considerable effort to pay my credits at Pima Community College. The tuition and fees calculator of the University of Arizona mentions that my bachelor will cost around $50,000.00 therefore is extremely necessary to calculate and count each expense to ensure my success. The only way to accomplish my BSN is asking for loans and financial aid. Besides all the money calculation and loans I will get, is really important to know if I could be a good match once the job search

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