My Dad Is The Best Essay

1332 Words Feb 5th, 2016 null Page
Anyone would be quick to say that their mom or dad is the best. Of course they are going to fight with you about it, but why should you care what someone else’s parent do or has been through if you have your own? They easily can argue that their parents are better than yours. No one can technically prove to you that their parents are better, but many want to show why or how they praise, and respect theirs. My dad teaches me, and many others an endless amount of lessons, influencing me to become a better person every day. He has acquired many of his lessons through life experiences, and helped shape me, as well as countless others into the people they are today. I can sit here all day and tell you qualities to why my dad is the best. However, I would much rather express situations in which you can gain just as much respect for him as I have. In one way or another, I’m sure your dad is hardworking. When you’re younger growing up, I’m sure you all looked up to your dad, and probably still do. Wouldn’t you want to learn how to be a hard worker through someone you admire? My dad is one of those people and most known for how much work he puts in to something. My dad has been a hard worker ever since he was a kid. He would get up at 6am for his job every day, or grocery shopping every Sunday for his family. His hard work is much respected because he puts determination into what he needs to get done. No matter how much, or how long it takes he gets it done. In college, many of…

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