How Sports Influenced My Life

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Throughout my childhood I participated many different sports and gained lots of experience. I began participating in sports while in kindergarten, sports like basketball, soccer and tee-ball. These sports were great for me as a child because I loved playing them and they were good camaraderie with peers. I would go on to play these sports throughout middle school, with tee-ball turning into baseball. These three sports are some of the main options for children in America, and are certainly among the most popular options. In middle school, the two main sports I played and enjoyed were basketball and soccer. As the years went by, I began to not like baseball as much and took a few years off, focusing on basketball and soccer. The reason I began playing these various sports is because of a few reasons, my parent’s influence, friends were playing and the school was offering them. These early sport experiences had much to do with my age and community influence. …show more content…
I really just grew up playing sports, I never really thought about not playing them as a child, it was in my DNA. As a child I was always watching sports on TV, so a big influence in my life has come from viewing sports as well. Playing sports has really influenced my life since age 12. I have learned and gained so many experiences from sports that have helped me in life. Learning to work with a team, learning how to compete, and learning how to communicate successfully. These sports experiences have helped shape me into who I am

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