Descriptive Essay: The Sport That Made Me

The Sport That Made Me
As the clock counted down 3, 2, 1 I knew my career was over, but it was one good ride. Playing Chester High school in the Suburban One playoffs at Chester isn’t ideal for any basketball player from Southeastern Pennsylvania; it was truly a blessing and an experience I will remember for the rest of my life. Chester is the hometown of a couple of NBA players such as Jameer Nelson and Rondae Hollis-Jefferson. Chester has also produced other 1,000 point scorers who have gone to lay professional basketball overseas. As the clock ticked down in my last career high school game I felt terrible I knew it would have to come to an end someday. This had to be one of the best ways to go out against Chester, at Chester.
From birth my father made it clear that I was going to be a basketball player. By the age of 3 I had already been introduced to the game of basketball. My dad had already bought me a small basketball that I would play with every day, it was my favorite. It was not as easy as it seemed at the time to keep the little ball bouncing consistently for a three year old. In order for me to do that it would take time, skill, strength, and a passion. My dad was always so tough on me about the game of basketball and always wanted the best for me. This could be because he was a graduate
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I had my dad take me to Mallery Recreation Center where every Saturday I would work on a different skill to improve my game. The workouts were intense for a kid that was still in elementary school. The most important parts of my game at the time were ball handling skills, foul shots, layups, and staying in shape. We would begin the practice with suicides and end the practice with suicides. “IF YOU AIN’T IN SHAPE, YOU CAN’T PLAY” are the words that would often come out of coach’s mouth. That statement is 100% true, if you’re not in shape you can’t play, so I made sure to stay in shape and

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