Importance Of An Athletic Trainer

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Ever since the 9th grade I had finally decided to become an Athletic Trainer. An Athletic Trainer to me is just a permanent water girl. It does have a label but everyone has always told me “You’re just going to stay a water girl forever aren’t you?” But an Athletic Trainer is a healthcare professional that collaborates with a physician. Ever since I became a water girl I knew I had to do something with sports. Sports has always been a major benefactor in my life. From the time I was four till I was about twelve, I played softball. I soon lost the interest in that but I have four brothers so I’ve always been around football and basketball. Plus with my mom being the cheer coach at school I fiddled around with that too. But football has always …show more content…
I’m going on strong with six years
(counting 7th grade). Then when 9th grade came along I took on baseball. So water girling has just always been there for me. So when I figured out about Athletic Training I fell in love with the idea.
Athletic Training would suit me in many ways because I would get to not only be around the sports I am now, but more that we don’t have at the high school. I get branch out at college. I would say my push for pursuing this career would have been our Athletic Trainer last year. Her name was Kori
Brannan. She was like a big sister to me and was the big deciding factor upon my choice. If I wouldn’t have meet her I still would be indecisive about what I want to be right now.
When becoming an Athletic Trainer you learn that they collaborate with physicians along with providing services to people that need emergency care, they give clinical diagnosis, help with therapeutic intervention and rehabilitation of patients that have medical conditions. Since technology has gradually gotten better Athletic Training has seen a significant change within the past 100 years. Places where trainers are found in are: training facilities, clinics, physician offices, hospitals, schools
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Everything that I’ve heard about AT is a very competitive course to get into. Most colleges usually like for students to have as many sciences as possibles. Biology, physics, and chemistry all incorporate with the athletic training career. In college most states will require their high school students to have a physical education (PE) class on their schedule. But for an AT it’s not required, they should just stay in shape. How else are their clients going to take them seriously (High School Course Recommendation
For an Athletic Trainer)?
In our high school we have available to us anatomy and physiology, both here and at National
Park. I took my course at the college but only for one year. Colleges will be looking at that since I have a leg up. Since I’m participating in an internship I’ll have more volunteer hours. With the internship through the school I am working through Levi Hospital. I have to have 180 volunteer hours buy the 19th of December, and as of right now I have around 61 hours. This is only working with the sport of football. As far as scholarships, loans, and grants are concerned I am all for free money and getting

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