My Computer Is An Apple Macbook Pro 13 ' S Essay

1236 Words Mar 10th, 2016 null Page
My computer is an Apple MacBook Pro 13’. A MacBook is part of Apple’s computer family and was introduced in 2006. Every since then, technology has improved greatly and now a lot of the newer Macs are enhanced. For example, in 2013, Apple released “retina display” to their computer family to enhance the screen for consumers to use. The new retina display screens are way more bright and clear. I mainly use my MacBook for everything, from watching Netflix, to doing all different types of school work, and etc. Having a laptop means a lot to me and has changed my life because there are so many different functions it can do. It is so fast and makes everything easier to do. My MacBook is also connected to my iPhone, so whatever I can do on my phone I can also view through my Mac’s computer screen. For example, texting, facetime, any social media can all be done on both devices. I don’t use any “big” anti virus software in my MacBook because Apple computers rarely catch viruses. Something I do have installed though to protect it from harm is an application called Malwarebytes. I have never used it before but if I were to have a virus in my computer I would use that application to rid the virus. Antivirus software is supposed to protect your computer from harm and prevent any hackers from stealing your information. It is important to use and to have it downloaded in your computer so you don’t catch a virus. If I didn’t have an antivirus software and a virus were to enter, I would…

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