My Community Service And Leadership Experience Essay

828 Words Mar 2nd, 2016 4 Pages
Much of my community service and leadership experience has been cultivated by an organization called Youthlinc. Youthlinc is a Utah based international humanitarian organization whose mission is to create lifetime humanitarians in our communities and internationally. I have traveled with this organization to Guatemala and Thailand. My first experience was as a student and then as an assistant team leader. I have had the opportunity to volunteer over 180 hours of local community service and four weeks of international service. Youthlinc has helped me developed my public speaking, leadership, administrative, organizational, fundraising, and problem solving skills.
I applied to the program at the beginning of my junior year of high school. I was accepted to travel to Guatemala the following summer, but before I got to travel internationally I had to complete eighty hours of local community service. This had to be completed by June first. Youthlinc also requires you to do at least half of your hours at one site. I picked to do at least 40 hours at 2 sites; my service sites were at the Boys and Girls club in Provo and Utah Valley Regional Medical Center.
I spent two afternoons a week at the boys and girls club helping kindergarteners – second graders with school work, constructive play, and field trips. It was an amazing experience to get to spend time with the kids and build meaningful relationships with them. I looked forward to seeing them and they looked forward to seeing…

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