My Co-Op Experience: My Co-Op Experience

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Co-Op Experience Final Report
During this co-op experience I worked a total of 163 hours. I began my co-op experience on October 10th, 2016 and ended on December 09th, 2016. I would like to claim this credit for the semester of Fall 2016. My experience during this experience was outstanding, I learned many new things and was impressed how I was able to apply everything from school to this job. It made me realize I have chosen the right job field to go into. For my co-op experience I worked for Central Ohio Clinic of Chiropractic. They opened their doors on October 10, 2011 and are located at 830 Delaware Ave, Marysville, Ohio 43040. This office is owned and operated by Dr. Brett Blitzstein, DC and his wife Moira Blitzstein. They are a traditional chiropractic office, but
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The skill I found to be the most valuable and that I got to learn more while I was here was letter writing and making proper announcements. I had to write numerous letters to insurance companies for billing and letters to patients for balances or refunds. This was a skill I was looking forward to making better and I felt like I had an opportunity to do it at this office. I also feel that I found I am better at working in a quiet space than in a busy area. I had two work spaces at this office and one was quaint and quiet while the other was busy and had lots of people. I feel like I am able to accomplish much more when I am able to focus and give my attention to the particular material or billing issues that are top priority. I also developed a habit of only handling paper once. It is something my husband talked about once and I decided to try it. If I touch the paper I don’t look at it and set it down for later. I look at it, find out what I need to do with it and take care of the issue at hand right then and there. Then paperwork doesn’t get piled up for me to take care of later. I would also do this when I took care of the mail each

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