My Ambition In Computer Education

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In Indian education system, students have to study a specific set of subject even if they are not good at it or not interested in it. For instance me, I had to study a subject in which I wasn 't interested since I was a kid, which was computer science. I had to study this subject from grade 1st till grade 8th as a compulsory subject. Creating interest in computer science was just like an alarm bell rings. As I was at a critical stage (class11), with a heavy heart, I had to choose a course in which I wasn’t interested But my persistence helped me to tackle with it.

Since, I was in grade 1st till grade 8th my worsted dream was to study computer, moreover to give a test. I liked the practical classes,but when it comes to the theory I used to
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Before my grade 11th, I had to choose physical education or computer as an optional subject with math, physics, chemistry and English as main subject. Unfortunately, I had to choose the computer as seats in physical education was full and as didn’t have any choice even after requesting to my teacher and principal. I was totally disturbed,due to that my studies also got quite affected, then I realized that everything happen for a reason so, I thought to give it a shot. I started thinking about the positive side of a computer science class like my friends were there in that class, computer science got a great scoop in technical field and my teacher was a pretty nice and understanding person. First, thing I did after I was enrolled in the class was that I put a poster on the wall of the room. Which states that “study computer to get good grades” and Whenever I wake up In the morning I used to see that and it used to encourage myself to study …show more content…
I got a bit excited and happy. After a week my teacher took a surprise quiz in which I just scored a passing score .I had just given up i thought it is not my cup of tea I should go and talk to my teacher about it . But ,she told me that she sees calibre in me about computer science if I just put little more efforts than I can score better score .Then I thought let attempt once more and also my plus point was that my elder sister had already studied these topics and she could help me out with my doubts. After my few computer classes, I felt that it was right decision to take a computer science class as I started enjoying it. I used to participate in all the actively and I could do programming for about 4 to 5 hours, easily. With the support and guidance of my sister, my teacher and my friends, I started gaining interest in this subject. My elder sister used to come at least twice a week to clear all my doubts even she used to be up late night with me before my exams. I also put all my efforts to succeed in computer science. Even I started a timetable in which I would study computer for about 2 hours especially theory part. My weekly routine used to be to wake up early in the morning about

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