My Accomplishments Of Life Is Graduating College With My Bachelor 's Degree

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Kenia Racquelle Bonner
One of my greatest accomplishments in life was graduating college with my Bachelor’s Degree. Despite the fact that I 've experienced a terrible separation between my parents, it lead me to become a strong, yet competent individual. At the age of twelve, although I was too young to understand the term "independence" I took on the responsibility. Cooking for my younger siblings, and helping around the house while my mother worked day and night to provide for our family. During my childhood, my family was labeled as the "low- income class" trying to make a living out of cans of sardines and crackers. At the age of 16, I was working and getting paid the minimum just to maintain the experience and pocket change while getting an education. At the time, I 've obtain jobs such as: fast food cashiering, bookkeeper, and maintenance. There was nothing like filing thousands of papers and changing toilet tissue rolls with dignity to build stepping stones to have a great future. My eagerness and determination led me to settling while chasing my dreams to obtain my degree, knowing that the struggle was only temporary. Fear was not a factor.
In 2011, I began taking classes at Broome Community College. It was new, different and a bit challenging to adjust to being away from home. One thing for sure is that I was overly excited about the new atmosphere, and colleagues. I studied dental hygiene and excelled academically above average. This experience granted me an…

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