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| Total Marks80 marks (worth 50%) |

1. What are four (4) advantages and four (4) disadvantages of using animation on websites? * Answers will vary – 1.25 marks per advantage and disadvantage (10 marks total) * Advantages – effective in attracting attention, can have a great impact if used correctly and can assist in understanding * Disadvantages - can cost a lot to produce, can make a website load slower, can detract and become annoying 2. Video compression can be lossless or lossy. What does this mean? Which video compression is best suited for the internet? Justify your answer. * Answers will vary – 6 marks for describing lossless and lossy, 4 marks for justifying which compression is best suited
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Hypermedia is a superset of hypertext. Hypermedia documents contain links not only to other pieces of text, but also to other forms of media - sounds, images, and movies. Images themselves can be selected to link to sounds or documents. (6 marks). For each reasonable example students should get 1 mark (total 4 marks) 1. Describe and explain these five (5) multimedia and web based terms: * IP Address * Domain Name * Plug-ins * WYSIWYG * Bandwidth * 2 marks per description * IP Address, every computer connected to the Internet has a unique ID, * Domain Name: AKA website address, read from right to left, * plug-ins: extensions to the browser software, * WYSIWYG Editing: What you see is what you get editing where a page can be viewed and edited as it would appear in the browser rather than at the code level, * Bandwidth: how much data can be sent in a particular period of time 2. You have decided to start your own multimedia organisation. List and describe in detail four (4) multimedia team roles you would need to fill in your organisation. * 2.5 marks per role and description * Producer – responsible for the project business aspects. Usually manages time, money people and resources * Director – responsible

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