More Than Just Cars : The Bmw Lifestyle Essay examples

1389 Words Oct 23rd, 2014 6 Pages
Derek Spaulding
Professor Amy Bolis
WRIT 1301
14 October 2014
More Than Just Cars: The BMW Lifestyle In our world today, we see many advertisements every day. For the most part, these advertisements tend to follow a few conventions and formulas. It might be a simple plug to get a consumer to buy a product by simply showing them the product to increase awareness of the product. It might also use certain factors such as aesthetics, focal points, and taglines to target a specific audience or consumer. These are both very common practices in most advertising. However, in a less noticeable way, the advertisement may also be selling something other than just the product displayed. An example of just such an approach is exhibited in a particular BMW advertisement that I will be examining. At first glance, this advertisement appears to be using the simple formula of taking a product and marketing it toward a specific group of people. In this case the product appears to be the vehicle in the picture and the target market, which will be discussed in more detail later, appears to be a male audience. After closer inspection, though, this particular ad also appears to be selling the ideas of sophistication and returning to youth through its use of factors in appearance, inclusion and use of certain focal points, and also its tagline. One of the first things someone will notice when they look at this advertisement will probably be the overall look and feel of the design. The…

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