Reflection On English 111

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Initially, entering a college level writing course appeared to be the most intimidating challenge that I would encounter. However, I surpassed my expectations and am satisfied with the outcome of my English 111(ENG 111) experience. For the final assignment, I have analyzed all of my previous essays and composed them into a portfolio. By displaying how I improved on developing a thesis, corrected my grammar and mechanics, identified my writing strengths and weaknesses, and changed my attitude towards writing, my final portfolio confirms that I have met the ENG 111 goals exceptionally well.
Throughout the course I have improved upon two main criteria on the rubric: the thesis and grammar standards. With my first essay, “Writing Personality
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This transformation is evident in my essay, “Modern Evolution of Telecommunications”, where my thesis states, “While keeping the world interconnected and improving the efficiency of communication, technology’s benefits are outweighed by how it weakens interpersonal relationships, decreases the effectiveness of communication, and replaces it with gratuitous dialogue.” Furthermore, I adjusted my poor grammar and mechanics by correcting subject-verb agreement and vague pronoun reference errors. This improvement can be accredited to the beneficial exercise worksheets that reinforce the notes given in class. I now realize why I would need to clarify the “it” in this sentence from my diagnostic essay: “I habitually am indecisive about how I am going to organize it and develop upon my thesis.” Due to these improvements, I am able to cultivate a clear and insightful thesis statement while containing minimal grammatical errors. The many setbacks and successes I have had throughout the course have taught me more about my writing style than ever anticipated. Through these incidents, I have discovered my main writing flaws and assets. Through the technology essay, I …show more content…
Unlike the other essays, this assignment did not have a specific prompt or format to follow. As a result, it caused my bemusement in how to devise topics to fully encompass the prompt. Also, this essay required extensive analyzing of long passages and critically evaluating the passage’s is structure. Essentially, the main concern I endured was comprehending the objective of this assignment, so it was impossible for me to cohesively organize and structure my ideas. This conflict led to the realization that I had weaker critical thinking skills. From this essay I learned that some assignments will be left to my own interpretation and decision on the best method in which to respond. This lesson is valuable because it shows that the format will not always be given to me and that I may have to spend considerable time interpreting assignments. Although I struggled with this paper, I learned how to provide a close assessment of an academic text, interpret its effectivity, and organize it in a sensible

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