Mla Format And Basic Organization Of An Essay

1503 Words Dec 2nd, 2015 null Page
With time goes on, I have taken 4 steps English course, which are course of English 700 series and English 1001. As for now, I almost finished in English 1001. As for international student, English writing is a big challenge for us. I still remember the first time I went to the classroom of English 725. I was pretty nervous because I knew academic writing is hard, but very important for my learning life. Through four quarters of study English academic writing, I feel more confident because I have learned lot academic writing skills from those courses, which helped me be a better writer on multiple aspects. When I study in English 725, I did not know anything about English academic writing. MLA format and basic organization of an essay are the biggest harvest in this course. MLA format is a basic impression to readers because readers do not want to read an essay with messy format. MLA format has very special detail, which I did not understand and pay attention before. At first, I just know the basic points of MLA format, for example, where should I put the name and date, where the title location is, and which font and size should I use in an academic paper. After a conference with my professor, I found MLA format also should focus on margins, page number and etc. An essay with perfect format can give a better impression to readers. Moreover, I learned how to organize an essay’s structure. I prefer to write the essay with diversified sentences and unusual vocabularies. I…

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