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MKTG 390, Exam 3
1. Marketers often mislead consumers by misrepresenting marketing research findings in ads and sales presentations. What are six ways in which they do this?
(1). Incomplete or misleading reporting of survey or product testing results;
(2).Reporting only the percentage of survey respondents answering in a given way (for example, “55% of those surveyed said....”) but not the absolute numbers or the sample size;
(3). Misleading specification of the competitors tested in reported comparative tests;
(4). Using survey techniques that confuse respondents or bias their answers, but not revealing the questions and interview procedure.

Sometimes corporate researchers intentionally design the company’s product testing and
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What are five other important factors for you to consider in making your choice? Briefly explain why each of these five factors is important.
Maintains client confidentiality
Provide high-quality output
Responsive to the clients’ needs
High quality-control standards
Customer oriented in interaction with clients
Keep clients informed throughout a project

(1). Maintains client confidentiality
(2). Delivers against project specifications
(3). Provides high-quality output
(4). Is responsive to the client’s needs
(5). Has high quality-control standards
(6). Is customer oriented in interactions with client
(7). Keeps the client informed throughout a project

4. What two aspects of a research firm’s chosen research method and data collection process can decrease the firm’s ability to meet a deadline for completing a research project? What two aspects of a research firm’s internal management operations can decrease the firm’s capacity to meet key deadlines for a research project? (1) A discussion of questionnaires would not be complete without mentioning their impact on costs and profitability. Factors affecting costs and profits include overestimating, overbidding, incidence rate, roadblocks to completed interviews, and premature interview terminations.
(2) Generally research firms do not have design and analytical capabilities. This means that their

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