Micah Pistillo-Personal Narrative Essay

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“ Micah Pistillo.” I never would have guessed that my name was the one that was going to be called. I was the one the judge raved about so much. I was the one who made her cry. I was the winner of the Editor’s Choice Award. Four years ago, as a seventh grader, I was sitting in the auditorium of Garfield Middle School as a participant in the Power of the Pen district competition. After the competition, I learned the benefit of trying new things and how it helps not only me, but others as well.
When I was in the seventh grade I had a few close friends but was shy around many others. I spent a majority of my day sitting in silence and just watching the other children laugh and have fun together. One day after class my teacher pulled me aside and said,
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I immediately started doubting my abilities, and became very nervous. It was too late now, there was no way out of the room and the instructor had already began writing the prompt on the board. I silently read the board, “Write about a dramatic event that forever changed a family.” Fifteen minutes had gone by and I stared at my blank paper in disbelief. I had wasted one third of the allotted time and felt ashamed. Writer’s block was not uncommon for me. However, I had never had a time restriction before. I told myself that I needed to begin and the rest would come like natural. That is exactly what I did, I persevered and was able to submit a complete story.
“Keep your head held high” I was told as I walked out of the room with a frown on my face. I had successfully written a story that contained a beginning, middle, and end; but it was not a story that I was proud of. The dramatic event that I wrote about was a car crash and an infant female who died. I believed that the story was not creative enough and that the judges would not enjoy

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