Personal Experience: A Personal Narrative Of My Writing

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Throughout my life, I have grown to idealize the realm of storytelling. Fictional worlds and their inhabitants have interested me more than the subjects of math or history. Being able to create my own written adventure has always been a dream of mine. My desire to do so have driven me to put countless hours towards scribing a story that is personal, potent, and mine. I find writing to be an outlet for my creative and a long-term goal wrapped into one. I'm proud to say that I truly give it my all when trying to produce a story that is worthy of being created.

Similar to great heroes that dot the fictional worlds of epics and fables, I have my own motivations, conflicts, and goals. All these elements are intertwined into the reason why I write.
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It hasn't morphed or grown strong like I have. Rather, it was always powerful. That antagonist is my long-term goal. The desire to produce a great story, published and complete. A tale flooded with wonderful characters, who are interesting and fleshed out, and a plot that takes the reader on an adventure. An epic dotted with nuance and depth, with the reasons why I loved the stories I grew up with sprinkled atop its fine word choice and dialogues. It will take tremendous work, but that should be expected, it is my dream after all. And as the stories, the ones I fell in love with and were inspired by, taught me is that dreams are worth pursuing with heart and passion, no matter how tough it …show more content…
I am still far away from my goal. Yet, I find myself wanting it like a starving dog. It is something I have sacrificed for and have grown to obtain. Like an athlete, I have finely tuned my sense and mind to the art of writing. The gargantuan antagonist stands before, yet I convey no fear, only deep desire. With each step and breakthrough, I am ready for the trials ahead. Writing is my purpose and passion. Something I drained my heart's blood and my mind's love into. Even if I was never published, I would be content with all the work I devoted to the craft. The experience that has spanned years of my life has been worthwhile. I am proud of the work I have accomplished so far, and am pleased that the people around me are supportive of me. My pursuit of writing is the reason why I push myself through every day. Whether I have a smile or a deep frown, my writing will be there to exist as evidence of my

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