Importance Of Creative Writing

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I took a creative writing course at the university of South Florida. The only reason I contemplated staying was a sexy Co-Ed I shared the textbook with. I thought to myself what could they teach me about writing. I became disinterested and decided to see what my fraternity brothers were doing instead in the land of Disney and three o’clock thunderstorm. Fast-forward ten years in the future. I decided to buckle down and become a writer – officially. I had been writing screenplays unsuccessfully in Los Angeles but had been writing short stories on the side as a warm up. I had started writing short stories a year before as a purging for the failures from my Hollywood experience. I thought they were good which was the greatest lessoned on the quest …show more content…
He sent me his stories to read as well. Most of his stories were more description than story. It was masterbation with adjectives and adverbs. Halfway through most of his pieces I stared to dose off. On one occasion I told him I was going to submit a story to a magazine. His face had a new look of displeasure. His real thought on my writing streamed out viciously. “You’re not ready and they will never publish you.” He caught the venom and exited the conversation. I put on my best poker face only wanting to see the true him escape into the real world. I didn’t want the generic lawyer critique, I needed to hear what the writer in him …show more content…
I even became a feature writer for an online magazine. My advice to any aspiring writer is this – you have to have insane belief in yourself. You have to embrace the negativity and turn it into you favor. Let it fuel inspiration. You must believe you are the best writer in the world and you will be the next Fante, Bukowski, Thompson. You have to read, read, read to find your stlye and discover you voice. In the end I believed I was the greatest writer in the world and had a voice that has to be heard. They don’t teach you that in Creative writing but life. I thank my friend the lawyer. He help me become the writer I am

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