The Importance Of Creative Writing

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A woman by the name of Anne Tyler once said "If I waited until I felt like writing I 'd never write" I never realized how true this was until my teacher made me write a short story. I hated writing. Research papers, speeches, stories, I didn 't like them. I didn’t they were necessary.

I had a creative writing class in the 11th grade. The class was just put on my schedule. I didn’t want the class so, just like the other students in that class, I tried to get out it. Nobody could leave. Therefore, I expected the worst.

I was wrong about creative writing. It wasn’t bad at all. The teacher always had fun activities for us to do. One day, she gave the class an assignment to write a short story about anything. At first, I thought it was a
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I had absolutely no clue how to write a short story about an album. Freaking out a little bit, She calmed me by saying that We had two weeks to write it and that we would spend class time writing it. The first day, I wrote nothing, I couldn’t think of anything. By the third day, I decided to just put my earbuds in my ear, and listen to album, praying and hoping I can get a little inspiration. I still had nothing writing by the middle of the …show more content…
Instead of focusing on the songs, focus on the title. From there on, I thought about the countless stories I could come up with to make the best creative short story amongst my peers. I wrote some of those ideas down and chose the my favorite. I had two favorites so, I ended up flipping a coin to choose which one to write about. As, I started writing, I realized, I actually like writing. I was able to use my imagination and not be stopped by anything except the bell for lunch. I had a lot of fun just writing and keeping to myself.

Two weeks passed and I had to end the greatest story ever. I was sadden because I really wanted to finish my story and I was nowhere near done. I started to come with characters that weren 't even written on paper yet. In my mind, I was writing a book, not a short story. Somehow I found a way to end my "short story". My teacher was slick. The day that we had to be done, she decides to tell the class that we have to read the story out loud to the class in order to get full credit. If, I knew that I wouldn’t wrote that short story. I thought that everyone would look at me like I was

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