Mgt 312 Organizational Behavior for Manager Complete Knowledge Checks

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MGT 312 Organizational Behavior for Manager Complete Knowledge Checks MGT 312 Week 1 Knowledge Check Study Guide 1.
One of the four managerial functions involves grouping employees into departments and teams according to their skills and capabilities. This grouping is done to ensure that cooperation and communication are optimized for the accomplishment of organizational goals. Identify
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Emily feels that even though she enjoys the work, feels safe, and enjoys the office’s facilities, such as the cafeteria and the pool table, she has not been able to reach out to the others in the office. She has no friends and feels isolated. According to
Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, which of Emily’s needs is most likely not being satisfied at her new job?
According to the expectancy theory of motivation, identify an accurate statement about instrumentality. 3.
Sameer perceives underpayment equity when he compares his outcome-input ratio to
Lamar’s. Sameer believes that he is putting in more effort and should therefore receive a larger hike in salary. To avoid this lack of equity, Sameer decides that he need not compare his outcome-input ratio to Lamar’s; instead he should compare it to Adrian’s.
According to the equity theory of motivation, how is Sameer restoring equity?
Mia and Tanya are artists at Black and White Inc, an art gallery. Both Mia and Tanya are equally skilled and receive feedback from customers for their work. Mia creates her art pieces right from designing them to displaying the final product. Tanya is an in-house specialist, and provides finishing touches to pieces created by fresh art-school graduates
5. Which job design model focuses on both intrinsic and extrinsic motivation?
According to the goal-setting theory, which of the following statements is

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