Mexican Immigration : An Important Part Of American History Essay

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Mexican immigration is an important part of American history. They have been a part of this country since America’s forefathers decided to expand westward and take land. From this time onward, they were treated as second class citizens that were not able to acquire the rights that they deserved. It wasn’t until the 1950s that Mexican immigrant began to get the rights that they deserved they had a negative stigma and perception attached to them.
Starting from around the time of World War II, 1939 to 1945, many people of Latino descent decided to serve for the United States in its military. They were easily considered the largest ethnic group to have served during World War II and Latinos won more Medals of Valor than any other ethnic group. While the men were serving their country overseas, Latina women were working on the home front in factories and as medical or administrative personnel. Because of so many people fighting for America in the war and the women taking over traditionally male roles as a way to help out, America needed many more people to facilitate with additional labor and work needs. This is where the Bracero Program came into play. America made a deal with Mexico in 1942 stating that because of the war America needed temporary contract laborers. Tens of thousands of people crossed the Mexican-American border to take up jobs as laborers. The imported Mexicans worked as domestic workers and farmers. This reinforced the stereotype that Mexicans were unskilled…

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