Essay on Media Biography : Chelsea Guy

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Media Autobiography: Chelsea Guy
It is easy to take for granted the level of influence that media has on your life as it becomes engrossed in your daily activities. Sometimes we may not even realize how the media contributes to the way we speak, dress, act, and interact with others. Mass media refers to any means of communication that reach relatively large sums of people. Some examples of Mass media include television, movies, music, internet, books, newspapers, and social networks. These resources create shared meaning between mass media and their audiences in a process called Mass Communication which in turn impacts society. Throughout my life I have had a close relationship with the media without even recognizing how it affected the person that I am today. My involvement with television shows, movies, social networks, celebrities, and music have impacted the way I view and interact with the ever-changing world around me. It has also allowed me to reflect and share on the experiences and memories I have from the relationship I formed with the media.
I was born on January 21st, 1993 in a time where multiculturalism was embraced and television and internet were on the rise. Television and movies flooded my household as I remember watching disney channel and nickelodeon daily as child. When I was one years old the classical children’s movie, “The Lion King” came out in 1994 and I forced my family to watch it daily and sometimes even multiple times a day. Even though I was…

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