Mcdonalds Essay

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On average most americans eat McDonald's. Something about this fast food restaurant is appealing to most people despite the fact that most of us know it is un-healthy.Whether it be its vibrant popping colors, magnificent advertisements, or its down right tasty delicious french fries McDonald's leaves you wanting more. McDonald's is a mega fast food chain with at least 31,000 restaurants all over the world. Its popularity and demand is clearly obvious amongst the american population especially teenagers. The real question we should be asking ourselves is, "what are we really eating?" The food that they serve at McDonald's is believed to be not authentic. The reason for this is because of all the extra additives they add to the food to …show more content…
Portion size is another important factor in our diets. Our body can survive off of a substantial small amount of food as long as it contains the proper amount of proteins, the good fats, carbs, and other nutrients. A major reason why we should stay away from McDonald's value meals, is because the portions tend to be super sized and massive. With a large amount of consumption McDonald's food could lead you to serious weight problems and or obesity. In the Lancet Medical Journal , A study proved that those who frequently ate fast food gain ten pounds more than those who didn't. I cant speak on behalf of everyone but i personally would not feel good about a ten punned weight gain that could have easily been avoided if wiser choices had been made. A large soft drink served at McDonald's contains 32 ounces, The problem with this is that people are drinking pure sugar for reasons other than thirst. They drink it because it is what they are use to and what is in front of them. Everything in moderation is ok and in reality sometimes in our lives demand a meal or two from a fast food chain restaurant. There are many alternatives though. A Subway mean comes out at 265 calories, while a Big Mac meal reaches an astonishing 1,230 calories. The difference is enormous and

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