Essay On Mcdonald's Impact On Society

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The Arches that Transformed Society
McDonald’s opened its doors in 1955. In the early days of McDonald’s, America could not get enough of their juicy burgers. Society did not know or care about how the business could affect it. Now, people have developed a different image of the business. America is beginning to understand how McDonald’s has impacted society. But it may be too little, too late. After the popular documentary Super Size Me, people were aware of negative effects that came along with eating McDonald’s. Even after the corporation received backlash for their unhealthy choices, McDonald’s did not have to close its doors due to bankruptcy. They did take the “super size” option off the menu, but that hasn’t stopped Americans from ordering
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They state that “eating it once” does not cause any harm. However, the body can be impacted in ways beyond calorie count; our brains are in danger as well. Sanford Devoe has done research on how our brains are affected by fast food. He states “We associate fast food with speed and instant gratification… When we see fast food logos or recall a recent experience eating at a fast food restaurant, we are put into a mental state of impatience that may make us more likely to spend on an immediate reward than save for something down the road.” Since fast food is so quick, our brains begin to develop a need for instant reward. The fast food business satisfies these needs almost every time, so it is not surprising that people will continue to go back to the restaurants with a need for instant gratification. Our brains are also affected by the ingredients of fast food. Dr. David Ludwig researched the impact of sugar on the brain. He found that when people consume sugar, the brain is lighting up in the same place that’s triggered by cocaine and heroine. Other studies have proven that sugar is eight times more addictive than cocaine. McDonald’s is aware that sugar is the key ingredient to bring customers back time and time again. Their menu items are loaded with sugar. A large sweet tea alone has 71 grams of sugar. The recommended intake of sugar is 25 grams. Even though the average American may not be overdosing on cocaine, drinking a sweet tea can eventually have the same effect. Our brains are eventually “hooked” on sugar, and then we can’t get enough of it. McDonald’s has impacted the way we want food, and not in a healthy

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