Mastani Jeweller Case Study

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The website of mastani Jewellers consists of 5 main pages :
3. Contact
4. Location
5. Promotion

There are two kinds of navigation. Firstly, comes the global navigation which is a tool that is present on all the pages throughout a particular website .The global navigation buttons on the top of the website are present on every page for ease of users to flip through the pages. Also clicking the logo of Mastani Jewellers takes the customer to the homepage.

The local navigation buttons include: the image of “sets” located on the homepage leads to a page discussing different designs of hoop earrings, the contact page and the promotions page includes links to the social networking sites like Facebook, Instagram etc.

The homepage
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The advantage of the data warehouse is that it can be queried offline without interrupting operations of the business. “However, the data warehouse is only as useful as the systems that query it for information. These are called business oriented information systems”. (

Many businesses disregard the need for a website and instead choose social media to market their company, but the problem is that those websites make money from your ads and you need to pay more and more as your followers increase. So, there is a need for a solid marketing tool which has a reasonable cost. You can use your website to promote all your latest products and inventions, it will be the standard platform for the customers to find all the information about a particular company, post comments and queries about products and it can also be used to display various promotional schemes. (Salter 2017)
In this fast-paced world, businesses can’t survive without a web site. If the business doesn’t have a website, it is leaving a lot of opportunities. Even though it takes time to build the customer base, a website is the first look of the company to the

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