Marketing Activities At Discusson Bbqfun Company Essay

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BSBMKG414 Undertake marketing activities
Assessment Task 2: Plan marketing activities

In this assignment I would like to discusson BBQfun Company which locates in Australia.
BBQfun is one of the leading retailer for outdoor-lifestyle, with its two stores in Brisbane and Gold Cost, Australia. The company offer BBQ accessories and outdoor furniture products. It was established in 2009 which offered an extensive product range. It was also incorporated with both local and imported goods.According to competitive retail environment, change in technological and consumer behaviour and spending pattern had increased since 2010. The company was decided to improve its organization strength and more specific target markets.In the past, the company marketing strategies were used promotion and market research to engage with customers, created brand reputation on product’s quality and customer service, performance training management,and cost controlled.
After those strategies were implemented. The company found that still lacks of brand awareness and also in term of digital innovation when compare to its competitors who offers the cheaper products, a trusted brand and more easier accessibilities.
Trends in the industry
 demographic trends:
Demographics can define as the quantifiable statistics of a given population which used to identify and characterize that given population at a specific point of time. As it is commonly examined the population in term of gender, ethnicity, age,…

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