MMIS Bakery: Website Analysis

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Website Development
Building a website for MMIS Bakery will cost thousands of dollars. There are multiple risks involved and the final product could result in poor quality (Laudon & Traver, 2012). Since this company does not have skilled IT personnel to develop their website it is recommended that they outsource the website development. Outsourcing will save MMIS Bakery development and maintenance costs. MMIS Bakery has cash on hand for the website development. The company will pay up to $5,000 dollars to develop the sophisticated, interactive website. MMIS Bakery’s owners, Maria and Jean will work with developers to provide content and goals for the company website. MMIS Bakery will utilize a web hosting service such as
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Allow customer input to customize orders.
5. Provide interactive assistance and customer service.
6. Include backup data.
Currently, MMIS Bakery uses a business-to-business method for selling their product as most of their products are sold wholesale to coffee shops, restaurants, hotels, local & regional supermarkets and seasonal venues. They provide services and product to their customers at a high level. However after going online their method for selling will evolve from business-to-business to include more business-to-customer sales. This will help the company increase revenue by providing more retail, business-to-customer sales in addition to their wholesale, business-to-business sales.
IT Architecture plan
In order to develop a successful e-commerce website, developers must have a clear understanding of MMIS Bakery’s business objective and goals. It is crucial that developers implement the correct technology and software when creating the website. Business objective is important factor to measure success of the website. Business objective must alien with the company’s business. The business objective must include the capabilities of this company’s website. This company has following business
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• Site management tools are also needed for basic functionality of web server. Site Management tools will help to understand whether the site is working or not or determine the links are still valid and identify the orphanage file. There is numerous third party software in regards to advance management like Google Analytics. These tools will help this company to monitor customer purchase and marketing campaign effectiveness.
• Web application servers are software programs which will help to provide specific business functionality required for a website (Laudon & Traver, 2012). This company needs the chat server for customer service, data base server for storing customer information for future marketing activities, Catalog display server for displaying products and prices, Transaction processing server for accepting orders and clearing payments.
• When choosing the appropriate outsourcing company to develop its website, MMIS Bakery must consider functionality, business model support, visual site and management and reporting, performance and scalability, compliance with standards and global and multicultural

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