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Toy is an object representing something familiar as an animal or person for children to play with. Toys provide entertainment as well as fulfill an educational role. They enhance cognitive behavior and stimulate creativity of the children. Toys help in developing the physical and mental skills of the children, which are necessary for the life. Toys are very low price, high volume and thin margin products with really good safety records. As your child grows his playing style and taste also changes. Infants use their bodies as the primary avenue to explore the world. Toddlers enjoy the physical activity that comes from their new mobility in the environment. Preschoolers develop friendships and skills
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Business plan assumes that the business will receive 8 year loan with a 8.5% fixed interest rate.

2. Location: Location for the business start up would be Melbourne because of its population and business culture
3. Business name and branding: Name chosen for the company is Block Toys and the logo is 4. Partnership: One person (Me) will own Company Block Toys. Third-party vendors will be hired from HR to business phone systems to partner with us and to help you run your business better.

1. Fun toys: These toys will cater the kids of age 1-4. These toys will be made of soft material so that they are safe for kids to play will. These will be made of bright colors so that kids are attracted towards them
• Soft toys
• Blocks
• Musical toys

2. Creative toys: These are the toys, which will not only develop the creative side of the child but will also be fun to play with.
• Building toys (house, cars, robots etc.)
• Painting kits
• Tool boxes for
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• E-sites: Facebook page, official webpage and Instagram Page will be used to promote our products. These pages will also provide all information about the company; retail stores operational hours, information about upcoming products.
• Official web page: This page will serve as the portal for online selling of the items. This is one of the most important tool of increasing the sales in this modern world
• Flayers and paper inserts: They will be sent to customers houses with personal messages and top selling product information to make them feel important and invited to stores with the address of all the listed stores nearby.
• Advertising: Advertisements will be done in publications that cater to the demographics of our target market. They will include Ads in newspapers, shopping malls, magazines, and kids playing areas.
• Email: Email will be sent to the customers on monthly, weekly basis and keeping them updated on upcoming products and special offers on various

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