Swot Analysis Of Dollar Tree

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Overview of the Company
Dollar Tree, Inc. is operating mainly for the customers with low financial backgrounds for a fixed one dollar price or less. It’s headquarter is in Chesapeake, Virginia and it operates 13,600 stores throughout the US and Canada with a mission of measured and profitable growth. This store was first started in 1954 as Ben franklin variety store which now known as Dollar Tree. The products in Dollar Tree stores include health, cosmetics, food, houseware, glassware, stationery, automotive, pet supplies, electronics and many more which are national, regional and private label brands. This store offers extremely low prices for all its products which are specially designed for people who are financially low, but it has become
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Following these factors, Dollar Tree is focusing on to become more of a leading force in the Discount Variety Industry and also aiming to grow their customer base, they trying to achieve this by acquiring other stores, opening new stores and also by selling perishable goods in theirs stores by which it will be one stop venue for their customers (Chauhan, A., Caldwell, J., Farris, M., Ramirez, M., & Adcock, P., 2007).
SWOT Analysis
The most significant strength of the Dollar Tree is to price all their products to one dollar or less, by this the company can provide customers even in the most difficult economic times which helped the company to gain a good position in this competitive market.
• The Efficient pricing structure of the Dollar Tree enables to satisfy the customers in all the good and bad financial
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• The Dollar Tree highly depend on China for sourcing, but the manufacturing cost in China is expected to increase which may in turn increase the sourcing cost for the company.
GAP Analysis
• Though Dollar Tree satisfy customers by selling their products for one dollar or less, it has high competition, it can be solved by building new stores which results in improved productivity. Dollar Tree is focusing on increasing their productivity both in new and existing stores.
• The company is expanding their frozen and refrigerated product, these products were only in 2,549 stores, so they planning to expand their frozen and refrigerated products to an additional stores.
• Dollar Tree has entered the Canadian market with few stores, they are working aggressively to expand their business in Canada and provide Canadian customers with broader, more exciting assortments and better values.
• The company has started its e-commerce business in 2009 and it has only 2,600 items available on-line, thus the company have to expand their site to improve customer

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