Mandatory Volunteerism : Growing Within The Education System Essay

1137 Words Dec 11th, 2015 5 Pages
With the concept of “mandatory volunteerism” burgeoning within the education system, both public and private schools alike are beginning to debate as to whether or not they should all mandate community service. What is this “mandatory volunteerism”? It’s exactly as ridiculous as it sounds like. Mandatory volunteerism is the enforcement of community service within a school This concept should be negated, since it would create involuntary volunteers, devaluing the sole purpose of having community service, excluding the students’ circumstances, and replaced with a slow assimilation of civic education into schools. When volunteering is discussed, alongside civic values and moral duty, there needs to be a sense of willingness within the task at hand, else the entire purpose of volunteering loses its meaning. For example in Source 1, some parents say it’s their job, not the schools’, to teach values, as values aren’t to be enforced, but rather taught and learned. When the education system mandates volunteering as a high school graduation requirement, or as hours needed to be cleared, the whole value of volunteering begins to fade, ever so slightly. Volunteering is not meant to be a task that needs to simply be completed in order to fulfil a requirement, and if the state allows for education to endorse this, then there is little value left from students’ civic duties. This is also shown in Source 6, when the article discusses the “state and local governments’ [need] for…

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