Lunch Time In Coca Cola

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Pavement hot enough to fry an egg, 100 degree weather, scorching hot sun beaming down, long summer days, and all people want to do is lay outside catching some rays, soaking in the vitamin D. What is the first thing thought of to cool off? An ice bath? Too cold. A popsicle? Too sticky. A mouth watering, refreshing, ice cold, coca cola? Perfect. A drink that doesn’t age and never gets old. Coca Cola has guaranteed to make even the best summer days better since 1892. One advertisement in particular published in the scorching hot summer of the 90’s entitled, “It’s Coke-talk.” by an advertisment group working for coca cola was sure to get the taste buds tingling just by the thought of sitting pool side, sun screen in one hand, ice cold coke …show more content…
The advertisement states, “What will you have for lunch? Think of lunchtime as refreshment time and you’ll think of ice-cold coca-cola. Just a drink, but what a drink- a natural partner of good things to eat. Yes… Have a coke and lunch refreshed.” This positive statement effectively ties lunch time with coke time. Making it appear impossible to truly have a complete lunch without coke. Assuring that by having a coke you’ll feel much more refreshed. The word choice “a natural partner of good things to eat” links the two and makes it so when the audience thinks about lunch they’ll immediately think about the coca cola they’ll be drinking also. While the association fallacy displayed in this advertisement is able to tie the two ideas, it also demonstrates the time period this ad is from. Advertisements today don’t typically have statements on them or drawn out characters. Americans now prefer bright, eye catching visuals that draw them in and are too lazy to read text no matter how persuasive. At the time period this advertisement was probably effective in getting the audience's mouth watering, but today wouldn’t be effective in persuading

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