Loyalty Enhancing Communication for Telecom Customer Relationships

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Loyalty Enhancing Communication for Telecom Customer Relationships | A Qualitative Study of Telecom Customers | Salman Ahmad Awan & Muzafar Said |

The telecommunication business has been transformed in Sweden through the past few years. Previously telecom industry was under monopoly which has now been converted into more competitive market in which more competitors have entered and offering various alternatives of different kinds of services. TeliaSonera has been one of biggest telecommunication service providers in Sweden which is amalgamation between two big companies; Telia, a major Swedish company and Sonera which is Finish counterpart of Telia. Currently, TeliaSonera is offering various communication
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The theoretical framework is constructed on previous research on customer behavior, customer relationship management and contemporary written communication in the field of service management and marketing.
The results of the research show that passive customers are more inclined towards the communication that focuses mainly on cheaper price options and they should be frequently communicated the cheaper options whereas active customers mainly search actively for the more rich information therefore they should be communicated various innovative services and beneficial packages through social networking platforms and emailing newsletters.

Table of Contents 1. Introduction 1 1.1 Problem Formulation 1 1.2 Background of study 2 1.3 Purpose of study 3 1.4 Delimitation 4 1.5 Structure 4 1.6 Sweden’s telecommunication history and TeliaSonera 5 2. Theoretical framework 7 2.1 Communication in Contemporary Customer Relationships 7 2.1.1 Communication and Relationship Marketing 8 2.2 Dimensions of Communication 10 2.2.1 Written Communication 11 2.2.2 Communication and Customer Behavior 15 2.3 Contemporary marketing communication 18 2.3.1 Newsletters 19 2.3.2 Social Networks 20 2.3.3 Implications of new media on communication 21 2.4 Our Theoretical Framework 22 3. Research Methodology 24 3.1 Research Design 24 3.2 Research Process 25 3.3 Data Collection 28 3.3.1 Interview process 29

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