Little House On The Prairie Essay example

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Growing up as a kid I never really enjoyed reading and writing. It was and probably will always be my least favorite subject, nothing against you my lovely English professor, but I just don’t enjoy it. The only time I really enjoyed reading as a child was when I got my first leap pad and I eventually destroyed it and it was probably within 2 weeks of getting it, so I wasn’t interested for long. I don’t have much memory as a kid with reading and writing at home, because my parents never really forced me to read or write and I don’t ever remember being read to either. The only time I ever remember being forced to read something was when I got grounded for lying and my mom grounded me for the whole summer and made me stay inside and read the whole series of Little House on the Prairie. This irritated me really bad and I went on a hunger strike and eventually cried my way out of reading the books so I never really read them anyways, oops.

Every day in pre-school we would go around to everyone and we would have to spell our name out and say when we were born. The teacher told us that we would do this everyday until everyone knew how to spell their own name and know when their birthday was. A week into it everyone knew how to spell their name and knowing their birthday except me and that really made me embarrassed and I remember I would cry because of it. I mean I knew my birthday, but spelling out my name took me awhile. When I went home one day and while my dad was getting…

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