College Admissions Essay: Learning To Read

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You’ll Learn to Like it
“Reading is fun!”
“You’ll learn to like it, I promise”
“You just have to find the right books!”
These are all words that I heard from the mouths of teachers, parents, and others in my life when I was just beginning to learn to read. Being able to read wasn’t the issue, it was wanting to read that I struggled with. I really just did not want to do it. I’d fight my parents to do my homework and roll my eyes when they offered to read me a bedtime story. Reading had been a chore for me for as long as I could remember, until I was forced to do a reading project on my own in fifth grade. This experience changed my feelings about reading completely, and helped me find what kinds of books I actually like. My reading career took a 180 degree turn, and I haven’t looked back.
From the beginning, I’ve never really had to study hard, stress out about keeping up on schoolwork or worry about big tests. I could do multiplication problems in my head or make up songs about how to spell words, but to just sit down and read a book was not something in
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Simmons introduced to me, I didn’t want to put the book down. I read day and night, and when I finished the first book in the series, I moved on to the second. Then the third, and fourth, and fifth. I couldn’t stop. My family was so shocked, they were asking me what happened, and I wouldn’t even look up from my book. I had found books that I couldn’t put down, and that was something that was completely new to my family and meI. Ever since I was introduced to the first series that I actually read, I knew what kinds of books that I liked. I could go to the library and find many books that interested me, and just sit for hours. My love for reading had continued all the way through middle school, as well as half of high school so far. When I’m in the middle of a book, I don’t stop reading for anything until I have it finished. I don’t think that’ll ever change for

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