Link Crew Reflection

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While looking through stacks of pictures I realize how important the memories in the photos are to me. One particular photo, from ninth grade, is especially significant to me not because of how I or my friends look, but because of how much my life has changed in the few years since I began high school. Walking through the doors of Bartram trail High School my first day freshman year was the start of who I was and who I would become. Today and I am a bigger and better person than I was the first day of high school as I have become the person I wish to be and I have high school to thank for that, but more importantly I have Link Crew to thank. Link Crew is a part of the Project Boomerang program created for freshmen, designed to help freshmen adjust from middle school to high school with assistance from upperclassmen who are able to share insight about their high school experiences. One of the major aspects of link crew is building a strong connection between link leader …show more content…
One of the greatest rewards Link crew has provided me with is the gift of knowing I made a change in the lives of our freshman, no matter how small. I want to be able to have a positive impact on people’s lives and help people t the best of my ability. Without link crew I never would have met so many amazing people who have made an impact on my life. One of the best memories I will take with me from high school was our Link Leader Retreat, where we spent a weekend with one of the other high schools in our area, we did not know who these people were and they had no idea who we were, but we were able to find a common bond between us all and that was the inevitability of walking away with a new perspective on life, that lif is what you make of it, you can sit back and watch life pass you by or you can get up and do something about

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