Case Study: Susan G. Komen For The Cure

Susan G. Komen, like many women, fought breast cancer. She fought with everything she had, but she didn’t spend much time worrying about herself and her situation. Instead, she wanted to help the other women going through the same battle. Inspired by Susan’s compassion and want to help others, her sister, Nancy G. Brinker, started an organization in her honor. Susan’s dedication made me wonder what the organization was about. I did some research and found out what the organization does, what the volunteer needs to do, and also what benefits there will be.

The first thing I wondered is why I should consider volunteering for this organization. The main reason I chose this organization is because it is something very near and dear to my heart. My aunt started out with just breast cancer, but due to late detection it started to spread like wildfire. It ended up consuming her whole body and sadly lost her life after many years of fighting. The Susan G. Komen for the Cure Organization’s mission is to “save lives and end breast cancer forever by empowering people, ensuring quality care for all and
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It is such an empowering feeling knowing even though my part was little it was still apart of a big plan. It is also so rewarding when seeing how truly grateful the organization is for each and every volunteer. The best benefit to me is meeting all of the extraordinary men and women who have been affected by breast cancer. Thousands of people die each year from this disease and being able to help make a difference for finding the cure is one of the best feelings. Their stories are of course heartbreaking but also admirable because they don’t give up. They keep fighting and that is something to look up to. Chyri Venetis, a breast cancer survivor and volunteer stated “My second chance in life is being used to reach out to all of those who have been diagnosed, and give them hope.” (Volunteering

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