Essay Life Of Being A New Dad

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It was so good to hear from you yesterday. I hope you and Emily are doing good and your enjoying the life of being a new dad. I like you have been looking at things and I have been worried myself. I have always believe that when things seem dim you have to climb out and see if there is a light. Knowing you and everyone in the staff I know that we are hard workers and all we do is look for the light and not let something like whats going on get us down. We are only at the half and we have one more half to go. I’m ready to go all in and I hope your with me. So here is somthings that you touched on that I wanted to get back with you about.
You asked about why is the dining room and banquet department have a negative variance to budget by 40%. Well Patrick we are in a recession and a good part of our members are in real estate. That being said they are not selling housing like they would be if the economy would be doing good. They are not holding luncheons or big party’s to celebrate good years and rising numbers. I think if we give it time things will turn around once again we will start to see those black numbers vice those red ones.
The next thing you ask is why is the poolside grill successful during this time, with a positive variance to budget? Well we might be in a recession and a good part of our member is in real estate, but that doesn’t mean that can’t host a party at the pool with their families. We have to remember that people who do what they do put money aside so…

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