Essay on Life Of A Child Is So Precious

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Life of a child is so precious because they bring joy when life gets rough. Kids love to ask questions and they are very curios about many thing but they have a huge imagination.Nothing is more valuable in life than to be able to save a life of a child. There are many professions that help save the life of a child when they are physically sick. A nurse can help many people from different ages group and they can also work in different settings. Nurses do not only work in hospitals but they can educate future nurses, administarions in government services, researchers,forensic nurse. There are many careers that one can go into if one pursues a nursing major.
Personally I would choose a pediatric nurse. A pediatric nurse are nurses that take care of the health of a child. In the site Explore Health Careers it states what do pediatric nurses do. “Nurses who specialize in pediatrics devote their knowledge and skills to caring for children from infancy through the late teen years and their families.” I want to be a neonatal nurse because I can help many kids who need the care they need to get healthier. I want to comfort kids when they feel anxious or afraid of what can be happening in the hospital or in a clinic. I also want to ease the stress for parents who are concern about their child 's health. I want to form a bond with the children so they can feel comfortable talking about any health concern they may be happening because as a nurse I am there to help along with the…

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