Learning Style Paper : Learning Styles

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Learning Style Paper

Swati Patel

Douglas College


As unique individuals we are remarkably different from each other, thus we all learn in

many ways. Your learning process compared to your classmates may be vastly different, but it

is tailored for you in order to achieve optimum understanding of material. Throughout the paper I

will give examples, evaluate my strengths and weaknesses, and highlight some opportunities

available to me for growth. Knowing and comprehending our own learning style can

effectively expand our knowledge base. Therefore, an improvement strategy can be created and

based on that I can plan for successful learning in the nursing program.

When I think about my most memorable learning experience, I go back to when I

started my first job in retail at a grocery store, where I am currently still employed. As

a young, naïve worker, who had just graduated high school, I was not expecting much action

during my first week on the job. The learning opportunity emerged when a customer came into

our store and had asked me to help him at the deli counter to get some sliced meat and a few hot

food items. I worked quickly and efficiently and even gave him a grocery bag to hold all his

items in. This was where I had made a mistake and was not thinking clearly. I had given the

customer a bag assuming he would go the…

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