Learning Different Aspects Of Writing Essay

1181 Words Sep 20th, 2016 5 Pages
This class has taken me on an adventure with learning different aspects of writing. I never really put much thought into writing it’s just a normal daily thing. There is so much more to it than I had originally thought. I do hope that I can learn to write more academically acceptable and that this class will lead me on the correct path. It has helped to broaden my take on writing and to seek out the help needed in order to write better. I know that I can ask my teacher questions about writing that seem like dumb questions to others. In the past other teachers have scolded me in front of other students and made me feel stupid for asking so I just never learned the correct answer to those questions. I have always been the type to panic or stress over not doing something that needs to be done on a deadline. I think I check my blackboard at least five or more times a day to double check that I have gotten everything in line and taken care of. If there is an assignment that needs to be done by a certain day and time I will most of the time have it done way before that due date. I try to schedule enough time with larger assignments that if I need help there’s plenty of time for that help. I am a permanent fixture in our ERC building with getting help from the tutors there. So far we have only had one big assignment for this class and that was to write an essay. There have been many weekly writing assignments over writing paragraphs and the understanding of writing…

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