Leadership Theories Of Leadership And Management Essay

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Leadership is defined as the capability to influence a team toward the accomplishment of a vision or set of goals (Robbins & Judge, 2012). Leadership and management are often confused. John Kotter (1990) argues that management is about coping with complexity, while leadership is about coping with change. He states “leaders establish direction by developing a vision of the future; then they align people by communicating this vision and inspiring them to overcome hurdles” (John Kotter, 1990). Leaders are those who guide us toward our goals. Leadership theories plays important role in understanding group behavior, knowing what makes a good leader, and which kind of leaders are valuable in improving group performance. Among various leadership theories, Trait Theories, Behavioral Theories, Contingency Theories, Charismatic Leadership, Transformational Leadership, and Authentic Leadership are often been mentioned. In this paper, the author is going to present a leadership related case scenario. Then, two leadership theories will be selected to use as lenses for viewing the scenario. Thirdly, comparison will be done for two leadership theories, and the third leadership theory will be discussed for helping to address the scenario.
Case Study
I have gone through two unit directors in the current hospital that I have worked at for ten years. I would like to share the story of my two unit directors, Rose and Linda. Rose was forced to step down after being a unit director…

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