Importance Of Situational Leadership And Diversity

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Situational Leadership & Diversity

Situational leadership theory was developed by Paul Hersey and Ken Blanchard, originally the theory was known as Life cycle theory of leadership. Later it was termed as Situational leadership. Both Ken and Paul came up with their own models for the theory. The main idea is that there is no one best form of leadership, in fact effective leadership is situation relevant. It is an adaptive leadership style. Leaders according to this theory have no fixed traits. Different attributes may all come into play depending on the situation.
The process is so simple to both understand and apply that its creator, Dr. Paul Hersey, often described it as “organized common sense.” At its core,
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They should adapt their style of leadership to the level of maturity of the group they are leading. “Situational leaders must be able to move seamlessly from one type of leadership style to another” (Spahr).
Integrity is another major quality found among the best leaders. “The situational leader does not change their approach merely to take advantage of the situation. They simply adapt in a way that is most appropriate” ("10 Situational Leadership Characteristics"). In this way the leader may develop a sense of trust with group. They will follow not just because they have to, but because they know their leader has integrity and they trust the decisions.
Leader may act as a coach at times in this style of leadership. Situations may arise when a leader will have to provide detailed instructions but at the same time they will encourage the subordinates, soliciting inputs and explaining to them why certain decisions have been made. As Pamela Spahr quoted leadership theorist Ken Blanchard, “In the past a leader was a boss. Today’s leaders can no longer lead solely based on positional power.”
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Kevin A. Plank was born August 13, 1972. An American entrepreneur and businessman who founded Under Armour which is a sports apparel and footwear company. He is also the current CEO of his company. At the age of 43 Kevin is worth 3.9 Billion dollars. He studied business in University of Maryland and played football there. He launched a few businesses before starting Under Armour. Cupid’s Valentine being one of them. It was a rose delivery service that made 17,000$ which eventually served as seed money for his sports apparel company. Kevin has been featured twice in Forbes’ rating. Once as #3 on Forbes' annual 40 Under 40 list and once as #3 on Forbes' list of America's 20 Most Powerful CEOs 40 and Under. This undoubtedly establishes him as a successful leader. When considering Kevin Plank, a few traits come to mind – drive, self-confidence, desire to lead, knowledge of the business, and cognitive ability. In one way or another, Plank has demonstrated these traits in the way that he handles business, not only without outside vendors but with those who keep the company running

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