Contextual Leadership Case Study

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Register to read the introduction… In the second example, leaders do not demonstrate the same urgency. The leaders are of the mindset that someone else will respond if the situation occurs. Each situation determines the leadership style which accomplishes the organization’s goals and vision; therefore, there is not a “best” leadership style or approach.
Challenges of Developing Contextual Theories of Leadership
Efficiency may come with leadership, but leadership can be overpowering and complex. Innovation of alliances is not always required for leadership. However, a study conducted by Osborn & Marion (2009) examined the aspects of contextual leadership in which transformational leadership was dysfunctional for the innovation of alliances.
Today’s technology enables leaders to influence followers virtually. Even though, the follower may not be in the same location as the leader, this should not create an issue with leaders motivating followers to undertake an assignment. Purvanova and Bono (2009) suggested leadership through virtual means may exhibit the same behaviors as the traditional face-to-face style. The authors argued that leaders may adapt behavior based on context of the situational
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The professor influences the class to improve writing skills by assigning additional exercises to better prepare for the doctoral study. In addition, the class is encouraged to relate personal experiences to tie in with assigned readings and research. The context determines the matter in which leaders influence their follower, whether leadership is conducted face-to-face or virtually.
How Contextual Theories of Leadership Challenges Can Be Met
The examples above demonstrated the dynamics and complexity of contextual leadership. Challenges in contextual leadership can be met by examining the factors for the source and development of leadership. The initial step is to determine the situation, analyze the nature of leadership, and document the context of the leadership development. Similarities can assist in determining the effective leaders of the future. Theories on leadership have determined that leadership is about showing flexibility in our ever changing environment and applying the appropriate leadership context in the ideal situation.

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