Framework Approaches To Leadership: Boleman And Deal's Four Frameworks

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Throughout the semester we have learned about Framework Approaches to Leadership discussed by Boleman and Deal. These approaches are example guides for leaders to express that there are more than one behavioral model for leaders to incorporate into their leadership role. These concepts can help today’s leaders depending on the type of career they are pursuing. Not every workplace is going to be lead the same way and these four frameworks help direct leaders to the appropriate approach based on the situation. Bolman and Deal 's Four Frameworks consist of Structural Framework, Human Resource Framework, Political Framework, and Symbolic Framework.
Earlier in the semester I completed the Leadership Frame Assessment and my results were as follow:
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Different situations can produce some confusion as individuals see the same situation through different lenses. Therefore, in order to reach viewers of different frame viewing it is best to use multi frame like President Obama did with hurricane Sandy. According to the textbook, leaders need to understand that any event or process can serve several purposes and that participants are often operating from different views of reality. Studies of effective corporations, of individuals in senior management roles, and of public and nonprofit administrators all point to the need for multiple perspectives in developing a holistic picture of complex systems(Bolman & Deal, …show more content…
Being the new Dean I think it is very important to have a meeting with my team to discussion my vision, plan and expectations. Knowing that everyone has different frame visuals, my approach to this meeting would be to hit all four frames. I would host a meeting; provide an agenda with my process, my plan to achieve the vision and my expected timeline to reach those goals. I would then open the floor for feedback to get involvement and alleviate any confusion. Also during the meeting I would share how this process was successful for me at my previous university and how Strupp School could benefit. I believe this process would help for a smoother transition as communication is key! Having a staff that is aware of goals and setting expectations and holding your team to those goals can help make a team more effective.
In order to rectify the damage control I would start with a meeting. I would do my best to de-fuse any gossip and uncertainty. I would be completely honest with my goals and what I have heard. As the new dean, I want to build relationships and trust with my new team. Trust is the easiest thing to lose and the hardest thing to gain. I would have a plan to avoid future incidents such as this one. Let my team know I have an open door policy and they can come to me with any questions or concerns.

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