Leadership And Leadership

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There is a very popular saying about leaders and leadership, “Great leaders are born, not made.” However, learning how to be a more effective leader is also very important. There is another way for people who want to be effective leaders; they have to know their strengths and weaknesses. Sometimes they to answer these questions: “What do I like to do? What am I really good at?” “What is my or my company’s or organization’s goal?” “What are my areas of weakness, and what do I dislike doing?”
Good leaders have to have good communication skills this is a skill that can be learned. But sometimes some leaders do not have this skill and do not want to learn it. It can help leaders to encourage people, make them to believe their leaders. There is
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There are many books about leadership, that people without leadership abilities think that those books will help them. But in fact they will not help. I do not mean that people do not have to read books about leadership, they have to read, they may help people to have a new opinions about leadership, or they can find a new ways how to lead people, how to inspire people, but it does not mean that if people read these books will become a good leaders. Unfortunately some thinks that they will become good leaders if they read much. Reading these books can help to know people as well, because people are different depending on culture, region, tradition, time. If someone wants to be a good leader and if they do not have leadership abilities, characters from birth, they will never be able to be a good leader. When we say leader, we have to think about people who are able to encourage their people to believe them, their thoughts, be ready to follow them. There can be another ability of leaders. It is to do right things and make their people to do the same. But not like some leaders, who do not do right things, but they talk about right things and wait their people to do right things. As Peter F. Drucker said: management is doing things right, leadership is doing the right things.2 Good leaders or people with the leadership abilities must be example for their people, for their followers, or at least they have to do …show more content…
These types of leaders avoid speaking with their people to learn their opinion about any problem, or about a ways how to solve problems. There is saying that means one head is smart, but two are smarter. I have seen many people always discus those leader’s behaviors, their way of actions, and their types of leadership. I always have been tried to learn such kind of mistakes, because I do not want to repeat the same mistake if I become a leader in my unit. Of course it is also not good to be a good guy for everyone. If it happens it means there is a problem. We cannot be good for everyone. People always will find something to discuss their

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