Leadership Philosophy: Great Leaders Are Born, Not Made?

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There is a very popular saying about leaders and leadership, “Great leaders are born, not made.” However, learning how to be a more effective leader is also very important. There is another way for people who want to be effective leaders; they have to know their strengths and weaknesses. Sometimes they to answer these questions: “What do I like to do? What am I really good at?” “What is my or my company’s or organization’s goal?” “What are my areas of weakness, and what do I dislike doing?”
Good leaders have to have good communication skills this is a skill that can be learned. But sometimes some leaders do not have this skill and do not want to learn it. It can help leaders to encourage people, make them to believe their leaders. There is
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My leadership philosophy is a teamwork which members have mutual believes and understanding. I think without these there cannot be any good team, and there will not be a good team work, and as a result there will not be good results. Moreover good leaders have to know their people very well, and they have to know their people’s limits and their own limits. They have to approach to their people individually by their characters; they have to know their people. I do not mean that leaders have to do discrimination, but they have to do it, because it is their responsibility to know their people, their problems that can influence the main goal of …show more content…
In my opinion there are many differences between leaders and managers. Leaders always think about their people, about their country, and always try to inspire their people to help to achieve such kind of goals. But managers always have goals for their companies or organizations that usually try to make more material incomes. May be managers also have some leadership abilities or characters, but they cannot be the same with leaders. For managers, people who work with them or who work in their companies, they are just workers; they are a people they use those people to reach to their goals.
I would like to continue my paper with the quote by John Kennedy “learning and Leadership are indispensable to each

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