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If one were to give their personal definition of the word leader it would most likely be different from others. The meaning of the word leader can vary depending on a person and their values. To most people, a leader is simply someone who leads. The word leader refers to an influential person who helps people fulfill a goal. Over time, the word leader has evolved due to who can hold the title of leader. Some great qualities of a leader include confidence, selflessness, persuasiveness, and enthusiasm. When one thinks of the word leader, some implications they might think of are, pride, empowerment, maturity and hope. The film, The Best Man incorporates a character who is great example of a leader. Someone who embodied a leader was Martin Luther …show more content…
In the past, anyone could have been a leader because people were easily persuaded and not exposed to many things. Today people are less easily persuaded because they are allowed to have their own opinion and their own stance on a subject. Previously, those who were very wealthy were given a leadership position just because of their financial status. For instance, an oligarchy is a type of government who was and is mostly ruled by the rich. The word leader has changed by the person who gets to be the role of a leader. In the past, leaders were primarily men. Women were not seen as leaders because they were not given rights. Women were not able to pursue and education, therefore, they were viewed as illogical. They were also not allowed to vote meaning they were not able to express their own opinion or be proper individuals. As of now, women are in positions that they could not have been in before. There has been many people who have been leaders and they were not properly educated nor rich but were able to become leaders because of their passion and persistence. Today, there has been many people that have changed what a typical leader would look like such as Steve Jobs, Joan of Arc, Nelson Mandela, Rosa Parks and many more. There are many connotations that come with the word leader like, pride, empowerment, maturity and hope to name a few. When one thinks of the word leader, it is likely that it is in a positive sense. They might …show more content…
The character that portrayed what a great leader is, was President Art Hockstader. First of all he was able to gain the trust of the American people to become the President in the first place. Second, the candidates running for Presidency, and Art knew his ability to influence Americans by him simply stating which candidate he liked. Someone who epitomizes a leader is Martin Luther King. Martin Luther King was the leader of the civil rights movement. Eric Arneson stated, “King found himself thrust into the national spotlight when he assumed the leadership of the 1955-56 boycott of segregated buses in Montgomery, Alabama” (24). As a minority that was under oppression at the time, Martin was unafraid to fight for change. He had all the qualities a great leader should have. A great leader always has their doubters and he had many of those. He was able to influence people for and against him with his use of words. An example of his ability to imprint his case to an audience was his infamous “I Have a Dream” speech. Jacquelyn Dowd Hall said, “Endlessly produced and selectively quoted, his speeches retain their majesty yet lose their political bite” (2). Martin Luther King Jr. was a man who principles he wanted to teach people. He was also a great leader because he was very plugged in on the civil rights movement. In order to be a leader one should be able to express and relate to the same needs as

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